Power foods give you energy and strength.

Power Foods

fulllifeonline.com While there is a place in the diet for all foods that you enjoy, some are indisputably richer in beneficial nutrients. By eating one of these foods, at the same time ensuring that you have the correct proportion of different foods in your diet, you will experience more energy, stamina and strength.
Power foods give you energy and strength. Consuming them increase vitality which enables you to live life fully. Power foods fight fatigue and boost immunity. The best source of energy is carbohydrate foods. There are two types of carbohydrates starch and sugar. Fiber is built into the structure of complex carbohydrate (starchy) food, so it is also described as a type of carbohydrate.
Complex carbohydrates or wholegrain foods are the most nutritious source of energy. They provide a steady flow of energy than sugar because they break down slowly during digestion thus releasing energy gradually into the bloodstream resulting in smaller increases of blood sugar. This maintains power base longer. Eaten in the right proportion, starchy carbohydrate foods provide essential components for optimum vitality.
A healthy diet consists of 14 to 16 portions of starchy carbohydrate foods. An athlete might need 14 portions of starchy foods a day while a sedentary woman might only need 5 to 6 portions. Bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and other cereals are the best food sources of energy.